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If you add one lesson to your daily routine, you'll be exposed to over 50 words a day! Keep that up for a year and you'll have a larger active vocabulary than a native speaker!

Speaking Arabic to native speakers can be embarrassing and nerve racking in the beginning, so we just want to give you boost to get you on your feet. In My Arabic World you can run through these conversations and master them without the pressure and at your own pase.
Milestone gifts to our citizens!  
Here at My Arabic World, we believe in pulling together to help the Arabic students!
  • 300 citizens: We'll give away a FREE My Arabic World T-shirt to EVERY member! 
  • 500 citizens: We'll give away £500 worth of Arabic books to members!
  • 1,000 citizens: We'll sponsor a prize member to study Arabic in Jordan for a week!
  • ​5,000 citizens: We'll sponsor 5 members to study Arabic anywhere for a week!
  • ​10,000 citizens: We'll sponsor 10 members to study Arabic anywhere for a week!
Powerful & Multisensory
  • LISTEN Audio file to enhance your listening!
  • WATCH We bring a lesson full of real Arabic to you!
  • READ Transcript so you can know exactly what is said and how! 
  • UNDERSTAND All of the vocab! Learn 80 to 100 words new words!
  • ​SPEAK We repurpose the same words into useful phrases for your spoken Arabic!
  • INSIGHT Sam himself gives you bonus insights and culture gems!
Meet the founder
The first time I heard the Arabic language was when I was 16. I had never met an Arab or a Muslim in my life. 

I knew that I would spend my life learning and teaching it. I studied in Palestine, Egypt and graduated with an Arabic degree in 2015. I went on to create hundreds of video lessons on YouTube, I taught over 500 students and am the proud creator of the way people in the west will master Arabic... My Arabic World. 

Sam Burr || Founder of My Arabic World
The Team
We are a team of passionate and skilled Arabic language enthusiasts, with Sam at the top. For our designs, lesson building, tech skills, videos and much more, we give work to professionals from areas of the Arab world which have suffered due to occupation, war and political unrest. This provides a livelihood for people in need and allows mothers and fathers to earn a living with dignity and not have to rely on charity.
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